Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Amazing Product

Do you ever feel that no one really cares what you think? Have you tried every diet ever invented, but you just aren’t seeing any results? Have you worked the same dead-end job for years and years? Have you just fallen into a rut that you can’t get out of? Well, what you need is MoneyTM.

Yes, MoneyTM. MoneyTM is the new amazing product that has been sweeping the nation. MoneyTM is the solution to all life’s problems. Aching to get that new job, but afraid of some strong competition? Just apply MoneyTM to this situation, and that job’s as good as yours! And there’s more; MoneyTM applies to all of life’s situations!

Exercise can be gruelling, strenuous, and dreadful, but MoneyTM can be used in this situation as well. How thin would you like to be? Your ideal body weight? Supermodel? With MoneyTM, the sky’s the limit! Have you ever met anyone who is so unpleasant or annoying that you just can’t stand him or her? Well, just sprinkle some MoneyTM on the problem, and the person disappears instantly!

Remember, with MoneyTM at your fingertips, the possibilities are endless. To order this new amazing product, call 1-800-752-7842 today. Remember, that’s 1-800-PLA-STIC; operators are standing by. Call now!

(MoneyTM is a registered trademark of the Papa Doc Corporation. Endless possibilities are not guaranteed by Papa Doc, and exclude True Love, Immortality, Time Travel, Immunity to all Illnesses, Instantaneous Heightened Intelligence and Happiness. This list is non-exhaustive. Papa Doc accepts no responsibilities for acts carried out by individuals using the product.)


Shauna said...

Wow!!!!! I can't wait to get some MoneyTM of my very own!!!!!

Dust said...

Bah. Its just a scam. You send in your hard earned dollars and they just give you some piece of plastic. I've tried putting the thing in a vending machine, but it wouldn't even fit!!!