Saturday, December 5, 2009

I Shall Exterminate Everything Around Me that Restricts Me From Being the Master

“Everything around us is a means for learning. Life is the domain that I have created to allow us to attempt to adapt to our surroundings in order to grow, physically and intellectually.

“I am creation, remember that; it is probably the third most important thing I can teach you, not that you care about what I’m saying one bit. I create and I observe, and I attempt to learn from the past in order to improve the future. Despite what many believe, what the others believe is, in fact, true: I am not perfect. And this is where the second most important lesson I can teach you comes in.

“You are destruction and do not forget that you are the most necessary part of this domain. I create, I build, but I do make mistakes. It is up to you to destroy the mistakes so that I can improve upon them; you are needed to make room for the future, as I close in on perfection.

“Of course, you do not believe me that I am using you for these purposes. You feel that you have free will, but the truth is you do not. You believe that you exterminate everything around you that restricts you from being the master. However, this brings me to the most important lesson I can teach you.

“You are a part of me. I know you do not want to believe me, and I know you never will, but I want you to know that. Just remember that your quest to become the master will never come true, because you are nothing more than a tool to help me reach perfection.

“I am the master.”


Shauna said...

wow. pretty deep.

Dust said...

Its like a window into my soul. Except more eloquent and a lot darker.