Tuesday, April 13, 2010

One to live. Two to die.

Through death's doors you walk alone.
While I rule, a throne of bone.
A life so short and oh so sweet.
Far to soon for us to meet.
But here you are. A head held high
For me to judge, or so I try.

The joys you've had were oh so rare
All alone, with none to share.
Such pain you’ve felt, it’s clear to me
That this death, has set you free.
Yet here you stand, head held high.
For me to judge, or so I try.

If you could, what would you do
Tear it down and start a new?
Would you set the world in flame
Or let it live, despite the pain.
Here you stand, head held high.
I ask you judge, and so you try.

No no no. This should not be.
So much undone, so much to see.
I fear your light, a shining soul
Is doomed to darkness, this I know.
But here you stand. A head held high
My place to judge, but will not try.

Eyes so pure and heart so free.
You've known such things long dead to me.
My love is lost, my heart is black
These things and more, I truly lack
My throne is cold and oh so high
I've been judged, and yet you cry.

Your fate I rule, but I refuse
So much to gain, so much to lose.
So now I grant, a brand new life.
For you to live, that place of strife.
We'll judge the world. To live or die.
When next we meet. You and I.


Shauna said...

lol, I'm guessing this is the poem you wanted to show me yesterday. It flows quite nicely, except for this one line: "Do you love the world and all its beauty?" I think this line is just a bit too wordy compared to the rest of the poem. (I'm trying to see what might sound better, and my best suggestion at this time is to drop the "Do you" at the beginning of the line...but doing that might mean you'd have to chage the following line to something like: "Or do you hate it for its cruelty?") Other than that, I really, really like this. :)

Dust said...

Hmm, good point. I think I have an idea though . . .

Dust said...

Something still seems a little off. Might end up reworking it a bit later.

Dust said...

Okay, think I'm happy now. Probably still think about it a lot though :P