Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Three to rule. Or so I try

Note: Continuation of poem "One to Live. Two to Die"

Again we meet, inside your dream
Your loneliness has summoned me.
I'm here to stay, and this you know
Though dawn may come I will not go.
I'm at your side forevermore
You've called me here, beyond death's door.

You’ve tried to live as best you could
You’ve loved them all. I knew you would
But still they lied and cut you deep
I've watched you cry, while you sleep
But here I am forevermore.
You've called me here, beyond death's door.

This life I gave was not enough
This world of strife is far too rough.
It shall not see another dawn
When you wake, it will be gone.
And at your side forevermore
We shall rule, beyond death’s door.

Yet still your soul is shining bright
I feel the warmth, the brilliant light.
Through your eyes, you see no wrong
Although the darkness is so long.
You’d leave my side forevermore.
If I end this world, beyond death’s door.

And through your eyes I finally see
What once was lost, return to me.
You know the world is good at heart
The pain you’ve felt is but a part
You’ll love this world forevermore.
You love this world, beyond death’s door.

And so this world shall keep its state
Untouched by me, a hidden fate.
And we shall live as mortals do
Live as if our years were few.
But we shall live forevermore
You and me, beyond death’s door.


Shauna said...

cool! I like it!

Dust said...

So it all flows well? No lines seem awkward?

World War Faive said...

I think its pretty sweet. It reminds me of a poem from Brutal Legend in the middle.