Monday, February 22, 2010

March Quote

"He who battles monsters must beware, lest he become a monster himself. And if you stare too long into an abyss, the abyss stares back into you."
-Friedrich Nietzche

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Blue Eyes

Once upon a time, in a land far far away. It was so very far in fact it was beyond the bounds of the Universe itself. A place so very secret that it existed beyond the Sea of Nightmares, which no man nor God could safely pass.

It was a place of magic and dreams, of unicorns and faeries and things without names because were they named, they would become powerless. That said, names themselves have power of a sort, and among those names one in particular held potency.

They called her Raven.

Men, demons and gods came to court her. And she laughed at them and all of their foolishness. None of them interested her at all. She was free, to dance and to sing and to be Raven. She could not do otherwise, for that was what she was.

And then came the boy with the blue eyes. From where no one knew. It was his eyes though that struck her, for they held powerful magic. They were brilliantly coloured, blue as the arctic ice and when she looked into them Raven felt something very much akin to fear. Only it wasn't fear.

It certainly didn't help that he had a cute face. It didn't help that his hair seemed like the perfect shade of blonde and was so very soft to touch. And it certainly didn't help that his body was hard and strong.

And then one day Raven's virginity was gone. Stolen from the locked cabinet where she kept it(only foolish girls kept it on their person!) and the boy with the blue eyes was gone.

Raven had never had much use for anger or rage, she'd never needed it. But she also knew that she had been used and played as a fool, and something precious stolen. She swore the bloodiest of vengeances upon the boy with the blue eyes and set off to hunt him down.

The boy fled across the countryside, but she tracked him down. He fled across the mountains, and still she caught his trail. He fled beyond the Sea of Nightmares, how she could never tell, but she pursued him even there borne by a boat fashioned from the tears of orphans.

He was surprised, Raven could see, when she finally caught up with him. "Did you think I would not come for what was mine?"

"You gave it to me." Was his reply.

And he looked at her with those precious blue eyes. And looking into them was like it had felt the first time she'd seen him. And somehow the idea of harming those eyes... she knew she simply couldn't do it.


Returned home, Raven reflected on what had been a perfect moment. She savoured it. The feel of her long, onyx nails slipping into his cute(though not any longer) face. He screamed, she recalled with some relish. There had been the smell of fear in the air: fear smelled very much like urine. It hadn't bothered her. One hand to hold him down, one whose nails sank in deep. Life was beautiful.

Gently though, it all had to be very gently done. A smile creased her lips, and she tapped her long black nails against the wooden arms of her chair. For truly she could never bring herself to harm those beautiful blue eyes.

Slowly she looked up at the two eyes brilliantly blue eyes mounted on her wall.

Now they would look at her forever.