Monday, February 28, 2011

March Quote

"Don't let a suitcase full of cheese be your big fork and spoon."

-Marie, "Baggage" Everybody Loves Raymond

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Make-Believe Time

If I were to dream. When I could dream. What a dream it would be.

A land far away, but not a land at all, instead clouds.

To dance the sea of clouds, and sing the song of heaven would truly be a thing.

A kingdom perhaps? Forged in the sky, out of island clouds and floating rocks and castles - because I so very much like castles - under a celestial sky alive with writhing lights.

Because I also like lights, and while incredible, they come out far too infrequently and faded here. I miss the open starlit skies. Which is why there would be no cities: under punishment of DEATH!

And of course, the sky kingdom would need knights, or some similar order - with mounts - and while I like horses the are a touch, well how to say this delicately: terrestrial? Butterflies? I like butterflies, but everyone always expects them. No, we'll ride giant fireflies that further light the night sky in hues of gentle green light.

Since there's knights with steeds, there'll have to be jousts. Except they'll be amazing jousts with things that are like lances, except they're ON FIRE! Firelances. Yeah.

On second thought. That's a silly idea.

I think I'll just go for a walk.