Monday, April 26, 2010

May Quote

"Oh, I wouldn't be so sure about that old boy. I have machines of all kinds. Marvellous machines. They can do will not believe!"

-Robotnik, Sonic Boom (Sonic SatAM)

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The World Around Me

To see what can’t be seen is truly unnerving;
Though mysterious creatures are we,
We are never prepared for the strange.
The mundane is all we seek in life,
And that is very sad.

On a dark night, I walked a lonely street
When a voice called to me by name;
I recognized neither the voice nor the face.
Approaching me, tall and blind, offering me the way,
He gave me his right eye and it opened my eyes
To a world that constantly surrounds me,
But one I have never witnessed.

It scared me. Not only the witnessing,
But the knowledge that I was the blind man
For all this time was a deeply troubling prophecy.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ode to Stoicism

A seasoned man advised me once,
Our strong feelings,
Any which way,
Wear down the enamel of the soul.

Herald of sore dreams,
Beautiful with skies so sullen,
I can't bring myself to pity him.
I can't face him tonight.

There is a flavour,
To that wonderful, wretched world;
Though it slips from my mind.
I admire him, but I cannot return.

Night and night he returns.
Sitting there alone.
I wonder what worlds you've been to,
Mr. Stoic Man.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Three to rule. Or so I try

Note: Continuation of poem "One to Live. Two to Die"

Again we meet, inside your dream
Your loneliness has summoned me.
I'm here to stay, and this you know
Though dawn may come I will not go.
I'm at your side forevermore
You've called me here, beyond death's door.

You’ve tried to live as best you could
You’ve loved them all. I knew you would
But still they lied and cut you deep
I've watched you cry, while you sleep
But here I am forevermore.
You've called me here, beyond death's door.

This life I gave was not enough
This world of strife is far too rough.
It shall not see another dawn
When you wake, it will be gone.
And at your side forevermore
We shall rule, beyond death’s door.

Yet still your soul is shining bright
I feel the warmth, the brilliant light.
Through your eyes, you see no wrong
Although the darkness is so long.
You’d leave my side forevermore.
If I end this world, beyond death’s door.

And through your eyes I finally see
What once was lost, return to me.
You know the world is good at heart
The pain you’ve felt is but a part
You’ll love this world forevermore.
You love this world, beyond death’s door.

And so this world shall keep its state
Untouched by me, a hidden fate.
And we shall live as mortals do
Live as if our years were few.
But we shall live forevermore
You and me, beyond death’s door.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


She's poisonous, you know.

Alas, nothing is as sweet as before you have tasted it.
It's like, you think you know what's best for you. You have a pretty decent understanding of what you'll like before you even try it.

Well, sometimes, that turns to obsession.

When you really think you want something, and I mean truly and absolutely covet something that you don't have, your life starts to morph. Each day, you grow more and more dependent on your persistent daydreaming. Soon, every spare thought becomes engrossed by it. You fit whatever it is into every situation and to deny yourself of that blissful escape hurts far more than any real thing ever could.

And it can get worse.

What if what you really wanted was a person? Every heavenly glimpse, every euphoric note, every beautiful thought that you could experience weighs your soul down.
Yet, you still proceed; there is no logic here. The crashing lows are absolutely no match to those incredible, magical highs. You trick yourself into thinking what is there has real meaning, but it's shallow. It is so very, very empty.

That's why it can get really dangerous to trust yourself. More often than not, you don't know what's good for you. I thought I could trust myself, I thought I knew better, but I didn't. And nothing in this world stings more than that realization.

See, I can tell you, I can warn you. There are a thousand ailments of the mind that have a weaker hold than the curse of the siren. You won't ever be able to fool yourself into thinking that logic is more powerful than your feelings, but if you want my advice, listen here: You will always find what you want when you are no longer obsessing over it.

One to live. Two to die.

Through death's doors you walk alone.
While I rule, a throne of bone.
A life so short and oh so sweet.
Far to soon for us to meet.
But here you are. A head held high
For me to judge, or so I try.

The joys you've had were oh so rare
All alone, with none to share.
Such pain you’ve felt, it’s clear to me
That this death, has set you free.
Yet here you stand, head held high.
For me to judge, or so I try.

If you could, what would you do
Tear it down and start a new?
Would you set the world in flame
Or let it live, despite the pain.
Here you stand, head held high.
I ask you judge, and so you try.

No no no. This should not be.
So much undone, so much to see.
I fear your light, a shining soul
Is doomed to darkness, this I know.
But here you stand. A head held high
My place to judge, but will not try.

Eyes so pure and heart so free.
You've known such things long dead to me.
My love is lost, my heart is black
These things and more, I truly lack
My throne is cold and oh so high
I've been judged, and yet you cry.

Your fate I rule, but I refuse
So much to gain, so much to lose.
So now I grant, a brand new life.
For you to live, that place of strife.
We'll judge the world. To live or die.
When next we meet. You and I.