Wednesday, September 10, 2008

What she died for was not recorded in any location. The weapons used so long ago saw to that. It took mankind ages to crawl out of the slime and dirt and savagery, but We crawled out changed.
We rebuilt and We did not war as the legends told, with fire and sickness and devises too small for sight. We had agreed to it, what wars there can be are to stay personal and not wipe the land clean with machines that eat the soil and fires that taint. We had finally and almost too late learned Our lesson.
Imagine Our surprise, elation and horror then when We found a sealed bunker and a corpse for ages past. Low level investigation shows she died in terrible pain although whether the nanites eating her flesh, the radiation sickness ravaging his body or the gut wound finally killed her is unclear and largely academic. she died alone, a lesson to all of Us.
There are those who say Our new way are no better, that where once they abused the body, We abuse the soul. they are silenced by Our will. There will be peace.

Never again shall Mankind fight for ‘freedom’, dying and killing and scarring.

you cannot fight for what you do not have.

It has been seen to by Us.


Shawn of Major said...

I seem to be on a dark bend lately...

Shauna said...

Yes, this is very bleak. Neat idea though. :)

Dust said...

Oh, I LIKE this one!! Dark is good! Or evil, but evil is good.