Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Dawn of a New Age

The days of old were over; the days of new began. On the streets were sounds of ringing and singing and, shortly, the bringing of good news. Yes, the good news begun, good news of things to come. The travesty and tyranny were things of the past. At last people rejoicing amongst the ruins and wreckage; the present, the dawn of a new age.

The crowd passed by, dancing and prancing; past a young woman, and past the days passed. This young woman, brought to her knees in a show of tears, felt that the joy of the mob confirmed the passing of her fears; the last time she thought of the past.

The shouts and the sounds and the screams of the joy now approached the statue. The statue! A symbol of those older days, about to come crashing to the ground with subsequent smashing. The statue of the dictator, the ruler of late, or the personification of coercion, corruption, and hatred and hunger. Together, they sought to dismantle this creature.

Down it fell with a loud bang. On the streets the sound rang out to all, destroying the worries from before, at the same time calling in more wonders that were sure to follow. No more would there be suffering, nor would there be pain. No one would allow death for material gain. The death and destruction were justified by the promise in which they believed. This time they’d be true to the love that they sought. The new age was here, never to leave.


World War Faive said...

To the triumphant victory!

Its like your last 3 were tied in a series. Bravo....core

Shauna said...

This one is fun to read! I love all the rhyming.

It's funny, this one also seems like it could be tied with Bryan's (just the theme of it).

Love the series though. Great stuff!

Dust said...

Tied with mine.. . YOU STOLE MY IDEA!!! THIEF! I'LL SUE!!!