Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Truth and Love

Truth and Love; I thought I understood the concepts once, but I really think I was misinformed about them. In fact, everyone seems to be misinformed. Wasn’t there a time where everyone told me about honesty and integrity and peace? Apparently those times are gone.

Well, apparently they’ve been gone for a long time, but that’s news to me. I achieved peace with the world at one point, personally. Unfortunately, that wasn’t felt throughout the nation. And I miss those days, I really do.

In those days, I reigned supreme. I feared no man, although I probably should have. My word was law and I was respected. What happened? One day, you’re on top of the world and obeyed without question. And the next, you’re rotting in a urine-soaked prison cell just counting down the minutes until your head is no longer attached to your body. And for what: Truth and Love?

I remember it vividly. Those strange men in my home, they beat me and carried me away. Then the trial; I don’t think I ever saw such hate as I did that day. Straight into this cell, and here I’ve sat for two whole days, morning, noon, and night. They keep telling me it’s in the name of Truth and Love, but I’m still not convinced. To me, Truth doesn’t mean death and Love doesn’t equate to chaos.

I try to understand, and they seem to believe that everything will be wonderful once I’m gone, but they need to understand that this isn’t the way toward Truth and Love. This is a better way to get to tyranny. And, really, once I’m gone, someone else is going to fill the void; if things weren’t wonderful while I was around, then do you think everything’s going to just fix itself?

Well, there’s the guard; that means they’re ready for me. It’s time for me to feel everything Truth and Love has coming to me.

Once I believed in right and wrong.
Once I thought I could change the world.
Once I believed that nothing could stop me;
Then I learned that something could.

Never again will I live my life.
Never again will I oppose my fears.
Never again will I be free of despair;
Truth and Love defeated Good.

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Shauna said...

Wow. This one was really powerful!