Monday, March 16, 2009

A wager lost

“How far does it go down do ya think?”

“I wouldn’t know, how far is forever, how long is eternity. I’m not smart enough to know yet and you certainly are not smart enough to understand.”

I ignored the quip.

“So it can swallow everything?’

“No, it can not. It will.”

“But how, it’s big but not as big around as the sun. Heck, it’s not even as big as Michigan.”

“Perspective, from far away these things are small, and nothing is as far away from being real as those things being devoured by it, so everything is small enough to fit.”

“But that’s just a metaphor. Metaphors can’t eat you.”

“This is true, but the metaphor isn’t what is devouring everything. That is.”
The speaker gestured, the action was devoured, so his hand stayed at his side.
“Do you see?”

“How does it do that?!”

The thing in the distance started to devour the stars, one by one.

“I am not in the habit of repeating myself but it does so by showing the world how small each thing in the world is next to its depth and hunger. That gesture was particularly insignificant so it fell in.”

“Why would you MAKE something like that!?!”

There would have been a pointed look to counter the pained one, but light was already eaten by now.

“SOMEONE bet me a dollar I could not make something larger then my own ego.”

Looking up we could feel the Andromeda galaxy and Planks’ Constant vanish into his creations belly, madness and pride battled in his eyes.

“I DID IT! Now pay up.”


Shawn of Major said...

This was more from the photo... it was f*&^ing creepy for something made of doll parts.

Gustavo B. Rockwell said...

How needlessly excessive of him...

Shauna said...

I agree. Very excessive, especially for only $1.