Monday, October 19, 2015

Never shall you see them...

"Observation is important, the unobserved remains uncertain."

Never shall you see them, never shall you know.
They dance in the meadows, leave angels in the snow.
Blink and you shall miss her, as she capers to and fro
Never shall you see them, never shall you know

"Since the beginning of man we have sought to order and understand out world. And until today this process could not be completed because of the nature of the universe. The smallest of particles cannot be seen without affecting them, awareness of their state changes it, but makes it known."

Never shall you see them, the twinkle in an eye,
A reflection seen apon the lake, a flickered sunbeam from the sky
Deep below the ocean, when man will never pry
Never shall you see them, the twinkle in the eye

"There is a school of thought that holds that human thought and conciseness is a quantum state that is like the smallest of particles, uncertain and in flux. A mechanism that allow us to understand and contemplate a cat that is neither alive or dead - with all of the implicit ramifications, they have endeavoured to stop our final push to harness probability this way, for irrational reasons"

Never shall you see them, they run among the stars
Once they were so far away, the moon, venus and Mars!
Running in the darkness, they loose their place to hide
Never shall you see them, they run among the stars

"As we embark on this final frontier, we shall observe first hand the minute detail of uncertain events, we shall stop the long dice game with the universe and finally know everything, for certain. God help us."

Never shall you see them, the light and fire of mind
It blazes though the cosmos and catalogues all time
And in the rush for knowledge, we leave it all behind
Never shall you see them.


Shawn of Major said...

I started trying to write a rondel about uncertainty and awareness... I failed, and the theory I started writing on is obscure enough it needed inclusion... sorry about the lack of polish, its not elegant - and it could be, which annoys me.

Shauna said...

That is the joy of Apocalypse Madness though - in many cases the stories are first or second drafts! That's what I've been writing here anyway.