Thursday, August 28, 2008

Context and relevance.

She jerked her head upright as they approached, mechanically, joints creaking under the strain and staring out from behind the glass “The war has begun. Please remain calm. Citizens of age are required to report for duty at the nearest recruiting and assignment centre. All non-combatant persons are required to report to designated safety zones. Please remain calm. Failure to comply is punishable by law.” She repeated herself several times. Several experts were called in to examine the museum exhibit.

The ancient homunculus came to life in its display 6 days before the invaders returned to see if there were any survivors from the war.

The warning would have been enough to muster a defense.

It would have been enough to make a good showing, at the very least.

Sadly for our tale, it had been too long since the last war had been lost and no living person spoke the language she uttered.

It was over in hours.

This time there were no survivors.

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Joseph said...

Impressive take on the quote I like the idea a lot.