Thursday, December 11, 2008

The End

I really never thought this day would come. I should have had a suspicion that it would be here, but I didn’t want to believe that it would. I keep wanting it to work out, but this always happens. It always ends.

I really trusted you, did you know that? I cared and I assumed that you did as well. But, you know what they say about assumptions? It was completely true. It all started when she came into your life. I don’t blame her for what happened, although I know it started when she came around. No, it wasn’t her; it was all you. You suddenly had no time for me and you would not go out of your way at all for me. You expected everything of me, and I tried to deliver. Apparently I failed you; don’t worry, the feeling is mutual.

You slowly crept out of my life. I tried and tried to hang on, but you didn’t care. You all but disappeared, and yet it seemed like you still had some lingering expectations for me. Once again, I refused to believe what had happened, but it was real. And, suddenly, we were not.

Then the strangest thing happened. You decided to come back into my life. I hoped for the best, but what we used to have seemed to turn to plastic. The plastic seemed to display what I wanted to see, but underneath was the dirt and the mud from before. We went back to the old days of taking without giving. The charade worked for some time, but plastic is plastic; the unreal will fail where the real prevails.

And now here we are. It took all this time, but now I see the truth. This doesn’t mean that it’s done. I mean, if plastic is what you have become, I can learn to cope with it. If we are nothing more than plastic to you now, that’s what I will become for you, plastic. I was so much more, but now I will be exactly that. It’s over and I’m sure you won’t even notice. I, however, will be sad, sad that it always ends.


Shauna said...

Wow. This is powerful. This is what some of my friendships have been like over the years. I'm sure everyone has friendships/relationships that are like this. It's sad, but it's very very true.

World War Faive said...

Hmm, it's true. How very heartfelt and yet disheartening.

Well, I liked the use of plastic, there's a literary term for that but I just can't think of it.

It's probably just 'repetition', but I swear there was another term for using it in an impactful way.

Gustavo B. Rockwell said...

hmmm...yeah, I'm not sure about that literary term at this moment. But if someone could help us out...
(his smile is so bright, it's shining up the place...)