Thursday, January 8, 2009

Staring at the Light

a hip hop song by Emcee ’Splosion

You’re up on stage; it’s all the rage, lay down this hip hop song.
You’re quite a sight up in the light and something’s going wrong.

I never thought I’d ever be so clever to endeavour
Some fucked up, burnt out flaky who is frozen for forever.
But, however, I can see it’s getting worse, of course, not better,
Unless, of course, you pick it up, or work it out, whatever.

Turn on the rhyme (bring the pain).
Take out the rhythm (bring the violence).
Take a moment, and you show them (turn the heat on, take the meat out...).

It’s time for us to step into my domain;
You’re slipping and you’re sinking but let me explain.
Although they’re gonna think that you are insane
To go against the grain.

I recommend, as you can see, to come along and follow me
And you can be a great emcee, just find some hip hop quality
From ink, you think and speak, continue and the peak will be
Here soon, I guarantee, don’t quit your shit, and that’ll be the key.

Step into the light,
All for your delight;
You can choose it, and we’ll use it.
Rhyme with all your might.

I see you brought the violins...I SAID BRING THE VIOLENCE!
While you get in orbit, I’ll be rockin’ the silence.
I’ll rock you, shock you, tick you, tock you-
What? That don’t make sense? I’LL CLOCK YOU!

Too bad for you, I’ll tell you straight, the crowd awaits for something great.
The more you wait, the worse it gets, the crowd, irate, won’t wait too late
While you create, and pull your weight, the rhymes they have been waiting for.
What’s more, they don’t expect a bore, which seems to be your fate.

The damage done, beyond repair, and you can see their awful glare.
You’re now aware of the despair; prepare, you’re done, I swear.
I hear you scream, I hear you shout, what are you talking about?
You hear the crowd, I’m sure, they’re loud. They said, “Throw this square out!”

Tried a little more,
And you learned the score.
You can’t hide it, you’re inside it;
And now you see the door.

Not a pretty sight,
Fill you full of fright.
You saw through it, and you blew it,
Staring at the light.

You saw through it, and you blew it,
Staring at the light.


Shauna said...

lol, I pictured the Beastie Boys singing the whole thing!

Gustavo B. Rockwell said...

Then you know the video would have like...robots with...moustaches. And they'd be beating eachother up. Yeah, there'd at least be some fighting (and by 'some,' I mean 'a lot of').

World War Faive said...

With your express permission, I am going to make this song...

(Even without your express permission. I'll still make it, I just wont tell you about it.... :))

Gustavo B. Rockwell said...

Well, as long as I don't know, I'm sure it won't hurt me

World War Faive said...


But you'll love it anyway.

Gustavo B. Rockwell said...

Well, I have plans for this as well...maybe we'll compare afterward and see which one we like better. lol.