Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Tragic Love Story: a fragment

There are tears again now; great streaming rivulets of them pouring down her cheeks.
I would stop them if I could, dry her eyes and give her what comfort I could. But I am past such things now.
They are of the past, when I could touch and feel and know.
Now I am nothing but being, barely that, and I am slipping away.
I’m sorry I’m gone but I could never have stayed. It was over I had come to tell her.
Now it is.
Good bye.

It will be an eternity of minutes before someone will come to investigate the screaming and the crying. Another before a paramedic arrives to pry her away. He will try to “save” me while she screams and he will fail for I am already gone.

But this is the end of the story, and I have been told it is bad to give away the ending. I’m sorry. Let me start again.

It was like looking into the face of an angel when I first met her all those years ago...


Gustavo B. Rockwell said...

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|omg, Shawn's back!... |
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|...with an interesting story!|
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Gustavo B. Rockwell said...

crap...didn't work properly

Gustavo B. Rockwell said...

it's times like this when i should learn to use the preview button first...

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