Thursday, January 15, 2009

What Follows?

“I’m so very tired.”

I’m so very tired of being lonely, that is. I’ve been longing and searching for a long time now, and it always seems like I’m failing and crying, even though I’m trying really hard. I just can’t ever seem to meet the right people or, when I think I do, I’m apparently not the right person for them. But what can I do, besides continuing my search? And this search has gone on for so long now that I’m pretty sure I’m doomed to failure. I mean, I’ve been getting out more and trying to become more personable, but nothing seems to help me. I’m torn, since it seems like I should just give up, but I’m just so hopelessly lonely. Sadly, it seems like true love will remain out of my reach.

“Out of my reach? Out of my reach? Does it look like it’s out of my reach? With my arm fully extended am I able to touch or grasp it? Well then, guess what? It’s out of my freaking reach. So if you wouldn’t mind, I could seriously use some help over here. Is it too much for me to ask you to move it just a tiny, slight bit freaking closer to me just so I am able to touch the damn thing? I’m hungry.”

“You know, I’m hungry. Hungry for the Samba! When the music gets flowing, I feel some rhythm moving up from my hips to the depths of my soul...Or was that the other way around? Anyway, I gots to dance, I needs to dance, and I absolutely...Gots to dance. Why am I having such a hard time talking?”

I’m having such a hard time talking all of a sudden, and I know why. It’s because of her. She strolls into the room, her hair bouncing to the rhythm put forth by her swaying hips. As she passes me by, the sensual waft of her wondrous perfume dazzles my sinuses. I can’t take my eyes off her, and I feel blood rushing to my face (as well as other parts of my body). She takes a few more steps, her dress barely clinging to her exquisite breasts, and she turns to me, noticing my gaze. She opens her luscious lips slowly, and she begins to utter words, music to my ears, in the sweetest voice I could ever imagine. Of course, it’s all in my mind.

“You say it’s all in my mind, but you can’t fool me. I know my mind is being destroyed...Or lost. Yes, that’s it. I’m losing my mind. It was a slow process at first, but using it seems to be speeding the process up. Sadly, I’ve been thinking a lot lately, so my mind has been getting farther and further away from the places I’m used to quicker and quicker, and I’m venturing into parts unknown at this point. Or maybe burning out is the proper way to describe it. Either way, I’m using it and I’m losing it, or whatever. But now, if you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll need to lie down. I’m so very tired.”


Shauna said...

I love how the paragraphs tie together!!!!

World War Faive said...

I find it a very well done exploration of the severly frustrated mind.

Also, boners. That made me laugh.

Gustavo B. Rockwell said...

You would like boners...


World War Faive said...

Now now, that would make me very Namor, wouldnt it?

Gustavo B. Rockwell said...

(said the guy with the picture of Namor having a tentacle party...)