Saturday, February 7, 2009

Inspiring Meal

Mabel leaned back in her chair in a small club. A local band was playing to a packed crowd, the rhythmic rise and fall of the dancing kids and the sickly sweet sent of sweat and beer soothing her nerves. Throughout the throng she could pick out a couple blood suckers, hunting for their next meal. They were always so easy to spot, so stale and bland. Week old bread surrounded by a sea of delights.

One of the leeches started to make its way towards her, flashing what he no doubt thought was an irresistible smile. Rolling her eyes, Mabel tried to not to look at him, hoping he'd take the hint. He didn't

Seating himself next to her, he licked his lips. "Hey sweet thing. Whats a young doll like yourself doing in a place like this?"

With a sigh, Mabel looked him in his cold dead eyes. She could feel a flash of emotion well within her as he tried to enslave her mind. Feelings of lust and devotion grew, and were consumed. "You're new around here aren't you whelp?"

With a start, the boy sat back, confidence draining. This was a mortal he was staring at, no more then 20 years old. He could smell the her blood, her sweat. And yet she stared at him with sharp clear eyes, unclouded despite his power. "Who you calling a whelp?" he challenged, a distinctive edge of anger in his voice mixed with a hint of uncertainty. Her laughter, both so dismissive and full of delight only fed his rage.

If she has to deal with these things, at least she could enjoy it. She could feel the heat of his anger, the sharp taste of his indignation, and almost felt pity for the fool. If it was this easy to push his buttons, he wouldn't last long.

A smile on her lips, Mabel leaned forward. "Look princess, there hasn't been any talent this good in a while. Now normally I'd have no problem sucking you dry and leaving you as an empty husk, but then I'd just ruin my dinner". Mabel turned and scanned the throng of people. Their young free minds were just drinking in the songs. Their imaginations, their thoughts, dreams and hopes were positively glowing thanks to the inspiring music. "And tonight, its going to be a feast."


Dust said...

Yeah, so I was inspired by "Sink your teeth into your next inspirational bit . . ." and not the actual quote. So what. You wanna fight about it? :P

World War Faive said...

Lol, wow. In your defense, it was in the inspirational quote post... Duely noted!

Also, very VTM. Twas an enjoyable 'bite' on a saturday night. :P

Shauna said...

lol. Nice take on the "quote." Are you going to write anymore with that sentence? I think it has lots of potential! :)

Dust said...

Well, I can easily make a part 2. I was gonna right more but it was getting kinda long,