Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Ah! Fuck, woke up with another splitting headache. This is getting worse. I'm fine the night before, but I wake up feeling like a train wreck. Not to mention the pain I'll probably carry with me the rest of the day. Stomach pain, fevers, chills and nausea have become my uncomfortable roommates. It's God awful, I swear it.
But why? I was never like this before. It just doesn't add up. Even my doctor can't find a damn thing wrong with me - not that he could find the starboard of a schooner from any which way.
What is going on with me lately?

Hmmm, it happened again today, second time I've noticed it yet.
I was waiting in line at 7-11 and glanced over my right to the front store windows. Outside, I noticed a woman and her child, but they weren't moving; That is to say that they weren't walking. They were moving, but it was in one spot, and it was very unnatural. It looked like they were skipping, like a CD does when you've used it as a coaster, or a youtube video when you've only got dial-up. It was like they were replaying the last few sudden movements over and over again, locked up like some laggy-ass Xbox game.
It only lasted an instant.

This has to stop, it's really distracting...
On that note, when was the last time I was baked?


Fucking dreams.

So get this, I fell asleep after hitting the couch to some Home Improvement reruns, and I had this messed up dream. It was like getting born, but the opposite. Not dying, but getting unborn; Crawling back into the uterus. It was really graphic, but not that realistic. After the vaginal gates, there was a long hallway, white and pure with scarlet draperies adorning its lofty walls. It was very large, big enough that a horse-drawn carriage could ride through. I know this because one did, and inside it was a coffin. It was really odd, because even though it was opened, I didn't recognize the person inside. But now that I think about it, I never did know what my brother looked like. Damn.

Well, what do I know about dreams or uterus's anyway?


Gustavo B. Rockwell said...

Hmm, very interesting imagery...You say you're posting more for this? Well, I can't wait to see where it goes.

World War Faive said...

Mmhmm, I try to connect posts whenever I can.

Its coming soon!