Monday, March 16, 2009

Wishing well

Toss in a penny make a wish!
Only lucky pennies really work though!
How can you tell if they are lucky you ask?

New pennies are only lucky if they have been made by fairies. (This is very rare in these modern days – there is too much iron in the mint!) Once a Fairy penny has been wished with it isn’t lucky anymore, but it is still worth a cent!

Light brown pennies are lucky on Tuesday, sometimes. Others are only lucky on Wednesdays. Some are only lucky on Labour day in leap years. There is no way to tell. You just have to wish and hope!

Old brown pennies are lucky if they were made on a weekend by a left handed person named Jim, John, Jane or Janet. Actually, anyone whose name starts with J.

Who is left handed.

Who worked on a weekend and made that penny you are holding.

You never know.


Old green pennies are dirty. Clean them in a vinegar and water solution. It is not lucky but good sanitation makes us all lucky! We won’t get sick from pennies! Yay!

There is one more way to make pennies lucky, but it doesn’t involve tossing them into wells. It is easy and reliable but makes less *bloop* noises so not many people do it. If you keep the pennies you will soon have a dollar. Eventually you will have a million dollars!

This method has advantages. Many people wish for a million dollars and now you have it though your long term investment plan! Many people find once they have a million dollars they realize money is not what makes them happy. This is common with wishes. This is sad because that was many, many pennies they had to save. But there is still hope.

What would you wish for with 100 million wishes?


Gustavo B. Rockwell said...

I liked this one. It was awesome.

Shauna said...

This was a lot of fun! I loved it!