Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Be bold, but not too bold.

“The Fire Cannot Burn Me!” boldly said he lit himself aflame!

“While this appears to be fundamentally true in that you essential nature, your ‘me’ has not been changed by exposure to fire I would point out that you’re body is blistering rather badly and will soon be naked as well.” She said with little concern in her voice calmly placing down the book she had been reading.

“Shame Does Not Impede Me!” boldly he said walking stiffly into the streets.

“While this appears to be fundamentally true in that your essential self has not been affected or slowed by your personal shame someone is going to call the authorities and they will endeavour to impede your lack of shame.” she said folloing him out and shaking her head

“Society Cannot Shackle Me!” boldly he said ignoring the faint protest of pedestrians.

“While this appears to be fundamentally true in that ‘society’ is in fact an abstraction and your lack or adherence to the social norms leaves you free of those constraints the police are on their way and they most likely have a more literal interpretation on shackling you, and those burns will sting something fierce in handcuffs.”

“Suffering Cannot Touch Me!” boldly he said, while getting arrested.

“While this appears to be fundamentally true in that suffering as the lack of acceptance and you are accepting the current situation, you screaming as they manhandle your burns indicates otherwise.”

“All Things Are Transitory!” boldly he yelled as they drove him away

“Well dur. Oh and when you are done playing Enlightenment you call me for bail.” She shouted back.
Shacking her head slowly she went back home, to her book.
"Some people shouldn't be allowed philosophy, it's dangerous in untrained hands."


World War Faive said...

I love the ending, its all throughout an enjoyable read.

Gustavo B. Rockwell said...

Very nice, I have to say

Shauna said...

lol. very funny! I loved it!