Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Cheeze It, It's The Cops!!!

Silence. Sirens. Silence.


Gustavo B. Rockwell said...

I have a rewrite:

Silence. Sirens. Getaway music..............Silence.

Shauna said...

lol that works too.

Richard the Caffeinated said...

I like it, but it takes away some of the alliterative charm.

World War Faive said...

I can just imagine what happened before this....

"Eugene, I don't think we should leave the car parked at that meter without at least putting in a quarter."

"Martha, look, we're just going to be in M&M meats for like 8 minutes. I mean, (chuckle), it's not like we're felons or anything"

*Sirens heard in distance*

"CHEEZE IT! It's the cops!!!"